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Vertigo Pendant Lamp Vertigo Pendant Lamp 2
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Pendant Light

Vertigo Pendant Lamp

KiKi Lighting
The material is not metal, it uses the same material as the original. 
LED Vertigo Nova Pendant Lamp LED Vertigo Nova Pendant Lamp 2
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Pendant Light

LED Vertigo Nova Pendant Lamp

KiKi Lighting
LED Vertigo Nova Pendant Lamp is a charming large chandelier as well as an adornment. Come and be a pioneer in having this latest fashion in your home. Available in three sizes and two colours. Dimmable version.
Melt Pendant Light Melt Pendant Light 2
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Pendant Light

Melt Pendant Light

KiKi Lighting
The interesting and dazzling Melt pendant light is a good choice for living or dining room and even the public areas, which will bright up the space and interest your guests and customers. Available in four sizes and four finishes.
Atollo Metal Table Lamp Atollo Metal Table Lamp 2
  • -€18.00
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Table Lamp

Atollo Metal Table Lamp

KiKi Lighting
€127.00 €145.00
Atollo Metal Table Lamp has a cute shape of mushroom which is composed by cylinder, cone and hemisphere, expressing eternal beauty of geometry.

Find your style of lighting.

KiKi Lighting is a lighting manufacturer and export lamps to all over the world. We aim to provide you with both Nordic and exotic lamps.

Enjoying life needs a comfortable environment. As the night fall, lamps bring warm and soft light to the whole room.

Our lamps will let you get more with the limited budget. It’s not just expensive lamps that bring us pleasure and art, but a cost-effective and appropriate luminaire often give us greater surprises.

Modern Nordic indoor decoration often focusses on simplicity and comfortability, so it adopts simple color schemes, which is exquisite but shows taste easily.

If you use a lamp to add the icing on the cake to the concise home, it’s perfect.

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