A famous designer Serge Mouille designed the Serge mouille lamp in 1950. The serge mouille lampa is the classic work in the all design. Serge mouille lighting also has a lot of name, such as duckbill lamp, serge mouille spider and so on.


Lamp serge mouille consits of serge mouille plafondalmp, serge mouille floor lamp, serge mouille wandlamp, etc. And serge mouille lamp also has different heads and rods in 1head, 2 heads and 3 heads that you can choose.


The design of the best serge mouille replica comes from the fact that the designer was very opposed to the popular Italian designs on the market at the time, and felt that those designs were too complicated, so he designed this lamp serge mouille. Let me introduced to you this beautiful serge mouille lampada as follows:


Serge Mouille Wall Sconce

1. Mini serge mouille sconce 1 arm 60cm

This 1 head size of serge mouille wandleuchte has an elegant and beautiful appearance. Serge mouille sconce replica is perfect for living rooms, book rooms, bedrooms and office. Lampen serge mouille can create a simple Nordic style to your life. Serge mouille wall light also has another sizes, but I think that if you would like to chase a simple design and to clean easily. This serge mouille wandleuchte replica 60 cm is your best choice.


In addition, this serge mouille lampe wall light is avaliable in two colors in white and black that you can choose. The best serge mouille replica designer was very opposed to the popular Italian designs on the market at the time, and felt that those designs were too complicated. So you can feel the simple sense in this best serge mouille replica.

Best serge mouille replica
Serge Mouille Wall Sconce


2. Serge mouille rotating wall sconce-1 curved arm replica 80cm

The serge mouille wandlampe 80cm is based on the mini serge mouille lampade 60cm adding 20cm in the length of arm. This size of wandlamp serge mouille is suitable for dinding room or bedroom, which you can also according the space of your livling room to choose the right sizes.


The serge mouille wall sconce white can show a sense of serenity, and the serge mouille sconces black can show you a sense of solemn. Best serge mouille replica is combined with the simple geometric splicing. Lampe serge mouille creates a personality and modern style. The medium size of serge mouille wandlamp replica is easy to match your interior and make your home perfectly.

Serge Mouille Wall Sconce
Serge Mouille Wall Sconce


3.  Large Serge mouille wandleuchte replica 1 arm 120cm

If you want to decorate your living room, this size of wandlampe serge mouille-metall 120 cm is suitable for your spacious living room. And perfect for concise and vogue indoor environment. The serge mouille lampen creates modern lighting with delicate lines and a breathtaking visual presence. When you turn on the best serge mouille replica, you will get a good mood and relaxed feeling under the warm serge mouille wall light .


Besides, the most important thing that the serge mouille sconce best point that is not take up the space! The serge mouille wandlamp replica is avaliable in two colors in black and withe, which has another advantage that it is low in price.

Serge Mouille Wall Sconce


4. Serge mouille wall sconce 2 arm

The serge mouille two arm wall sconce is based on the replica serge mouille 1 head adding a head and an arm in total design. It will give people another different vision experience. This serge mouille two-arm wall sconce has a dynamic sculpture, dynmaic and simple style.


All the arms of serge mouille light design can be rotated in different directions, allowing ample, well-directed lighting for all tasks. With the best serge mouille replica 2 arm of design, which its conception of design reflects the wishes of simple, harmony and peace. The serge mouille wandlampe 2 arm has two colors in white and black which you can choose.

Serge mouille ceiling lamp


5. Serge mouille wandlamp replica 3 arm

Hey, look at this serge mouille spider wall lamp replica, which is looks like duckbill, spider or other insect-like. A famous best serge mouille replica designed the serge lamp in 1950. The serge mouille lampe replica is the classic work in the all design.


Besides, the best serge mouille replica 3 arm wall of rich colors can combine with any home decoration casually, according to the theme color of home to create a unified sense. The pure withe giving people a simple but not lack of elegant sense. And the black serge mouille wall lamp will bloom a quiet atmosphere in silence. I believe that the best serge mouille replica will give you a creative home sense.  


Serge mouille ceiling lamp

1. Mini serge mouille hanglamp replica

Are you looking for a special and unique ceiling light? Best serge mouille replica, a famous designer in France, which designed the angular insect-like serge mouille chandelier. A lot of people shows a great interested in its appearance now.


In addiciton, you can depend on your home design and favour. The serge mouille 3 arm lamp has washer and six-sided screw hardware, the shape of the reflectors and the refined lines of the steel tubes. With the graceful wiring meanders down the stem, serge mouille kopia shows the exquisite craft and simple profile.

Serge mouille ceiling lamp
Serge mouille ceiling lamp


2. Serge mouille ceiling light replica

The best serge mouille replica occupies a very important position in the home. In addition to concealed and exposed lamps, decorative lamps can enhance the sense of art in the home space. The lustre serge mouille is not only a lighting tool, but also an important role to enhance the taste of the home.

Serge mouille 3 arms pendant has two colors in white and black that you can choose. People loves the spider appearance of the serge mouille design. If you have childern, maybe they will like this serge mouille plafonnier.

Serge mouille ceiling lamp


3. Large serge mouille ceiling lamp

This is the largest size in serge mouille pendant light. Serge Mouille's 1950s insect designs were created in reaction to the heavier and clumsier Italian designs of the time. The serge mouille plafondlamp replica is more cheap so that you can save a lot of money to purchase another thing you like.


Serge mouille hanglamp looks like a biggest hand and want to hug your interior. The special appearance of serge mouille ceiling light compared with other simple lamp, which it has another charm. Two colors in black and white that you can choose. Different color will give you a different style in your interior. Best serge mouille replica can meet you need and give you a happy experience.

Serge mouille ceiling lamp


Serge mouille floor lamp

1. Serge mouille floor light 1 arm

Serge mouille stehlampe. This floor lamp has one size in dia 72 * H 170 cm. Serge mouille stehlampe is perfect for living rooms, book rooms and bedrooms. You can lay the serge lampe near the sofa that you will enjoy a comfortable atmosphere. If you lay the serge mouille golvlampa in your bedroom, you will feel more relaxed under the warm light. And if you would like to lay the serge mouille one arm in your book room, you will enjoy a wonderful enviorment and immerse in a book. This vertical style of serge mouille floor lamp will give you a shocking vision at first sight.


A creative design decorate the space and life. Are you ready to choose a new life wisdom?

Serge mouille  floor lamp


2. Serge mouille floor lamp 3 arm

The serge mouille replica floor lamp 3 arm is based on the serge mouille lampa floor 1 head adding two heads. The shape of best serge mouille replica which total likes a vivid spider. This unqiue appearance attracts a lot of people to choose it to decorate thier interior. Avaliable in two colors, black and white. Buying this serge mouille 3 rotating arms just like buying a piece of art. 


At the same time, the design of this lamp is also one of the most likable elements. The serge mouille golvlampa also has same high-quality but the favourable price which is appealing. A simple lines and profile created by simplistic design producing modernist elegance.

Serge mouille  floor lamp

Above is the display of the lighting products.

If you want to have a simple but not lack of creative design. This Serge mouille lamp is suitable for your choices.